Barter Your Way To A Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Have you gotten a gift for that special someone yet?

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Have you gotten a gift for that special someone yet?

If not, bartering can help you get just the right thing. You can use your ITEX dollars to show your love with a nice bouquet of roses or whatever flower your loved one most enjoys, or some other nice gift that suits your needs.

You could gift your loved one with a stay at a hotel or resort sometime in the near future. Check out what ITEX members have to offer. Or maybe a massage or facial is something your Valentine would enjoy.

According to the American Retail Federation, reported by the Motley Fool, Americans spend more than $2 billion on flowers on Valentine’s Day. Overall, the average American spend about $137 total on Valentine’s Day.

Besides flowers, consumers spend:

  • $1.7 billion on candy
  • $4.3 billion on jewelry
  • $1 billion on greeting cards

Plus, about 20 percent of consumers also buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets, spending about $5.50 per capita, according to CNN.

But at least as far as gifts for Valentine’s Day are concerned, you can put bartering and your ITEX dollars to work. Just check out to find out more.

Here are some other statistics surrounding the big day from CNN:

  • One hundred forty-four million cards will be exchanged on Valentine’s Day.
  • People will spend more than $4.7 billion on jewelry for their Valentines.
  • Gift cards are not a very popular Valentine; only about 15 percent of Americans will buy gift cards for the holiday.
  • Nearly half of all Americans over the age of 18 are single. Slightly more than 47 percent, or about 116 million, are either divorced, widowed, separated or never married.
  • About 75 percent of the candy purchased for Valentine’s Day is chocolate.

Valentine’s Day is Thursday, and it’s not too late to order that perfect bouquet for your sweetheart, or use your ITEX dollars to pick up a gift from one of the other ITEX members.