You Can Donate To A Charity Via ITEX

There are eight charities affiliated with ITEX in South Florida, and they accept ITEX donations year-round.

If you’re interested in donating to a local charity, ITEX can help you with that. There are eight charities affiliated with ITEX in South Florida, and they accept ITEX donations year-round.

  1. Animal Aid’s recovery and adoption center takes in injured, neglected or unwanted cats and dogs from county shelters. In addition to accepting ITEX donations year-round, the shelter also takes 100 percent ITEX for exams, vaccines and microchipping as well as adoption fees.
  2. Planting Seeds of Empowerment’s mission is to enable young people to heal through stability, love, faith and comfort so they can live a life of success and have a future they may not be able to have otherwise. Their goal is to provide children with the tools they need to become self-sustaining.
  3. Love Sami is dedicated to getting the topic of Suicide out to the community.
  4. The Florida Community Support Organization is a 501C3 non-profit organization. Their mission is “building communities one neighbor at a time.” They believe in working together to promote community spirit and neighborhood safety encompassing all residents and to encourage a safe environment for growth, education, and well-being. Lauderdale by the Sea is home to a lot of immigrants (most of them from South America) and retirees who commonly live alone because their children are adults. FCSO tries to promote neighbor relations and so everyone feels warmly embraced by the community.
  5. Abi’s Place is a non-profit private school specifically designed to meet the learning and behavioral needs of exceptional children with moderate to severe challenges. The school serves children ages 3 to 16.
  6. Chariots 4 Charity helps people in the community who need transportation to work.
  7. Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation has the motto change one life, change a generation, which it does by educating, preparing, mentoring and teaching students, both athletes and non-athletes, instilling in them the skills necessary for character success, academic success and performance success so they can be college- and career-ready.
  8. Prestige Club of SW Broward Inc has a purpose of encompassing a network group of business leaders and help promote their services and skills to the community.