The Ancient Art Of Bartering

Bartering is nothing new. The history of bartering dates back more than 8,000 years to 6000 B.C.

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But bartering is nothing new. The history of bartering dates back more than 8,000 years to 6000 B.C. according to

With bartering two parties can get something they want or need from each other without having to spend any money.

The concept of bartering was Introduced by Mesopotamian tribes and was then adopted by the Phoenicians. The Babylonians developed an improved bartering system and exchanged goods from Babylon for tea, weapons, and spices.

Salt was a valuable item that was often exchanged for other goods, and in the Middle Ages, Europeans bartered crafts and furs for silks and perfumes.

The use of bartering became less prevalent with the invention of money.

Bartering became popular again in the 1930s during the Great Depression, when people exchanged goods and services for food or for services they needed.

The advantages of bartering is that you don’t need money. There also is flexibility in bartering, meaning you can exchange items that are completely different for each other.

Another advantage of bartering is that you can offer a service in exchange for an item, an item for an item, or a service for a service.

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